Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Torch Has Been Passed

Iraq is now in control of herself. Finally the transfer is complete and Iraq is a independent nation. This is awesome news, but for some reason I wasn't as happy as I thought I might be. Now I wonder what the people who claim the war was only about oil are going to say now. I say this because their argument about us keeping the oil for ourselves has completely blown up in their face. The Iraqis now have COMPLETE control over their resources. This is a great day for Iraq and her people. I just hope she can keep the Wolves at bay (Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, and other middle eastern regimes) so they wont be able to install their own guy they might help get into office and totally turn this democracy into a dictatorship or ANOTHER Islamic regime.

It is good to be sceptical and ask many questions of our Government. However, that is the job of every American citizen. Politics do NOT belong in the military. So, until I am honorably discharged, I am not going to involve myself into any political party. I am going to exercise my right to vote, but no one, not even my family will know the result. Right now, all I will tell anyone is that I am undecided. However, I am not hopeful for Iraq in all honesty. I believe we have got her on the right track, and the United States has paid a very heavy price for this, almost 1000 soldiers dead and billions upon billions spent. Now, it is up to the Iraqi people to lead the way toward a bright future for their children. I do not think this is going to last. I think this democracy is going to fall apart. I say this because of tribal factions, and the Sheiks and Mullahs have ALL the power, so of course they are going to want their own piece of the pie. Then the neighboring countries will want their own guy who is in favor of their regime and they will fund him, and he will probably rise to power and then it'll be a nation based on Islamic law. What the United States did was very noble, but I honestly do not believe the Iraqi people are up to the task. They are too selfish and think only about themselves. After all, the whole war they always were on the sidelines, not doing anything even if they were in favor of the coalition.

Islam is not a religion of peace. This is a bunch of crap, the only ones who say it's a religion of peace are the liberal kind of Muslims and they only exist in places like America. Being in Iraq I met those that said it is a religion of peace, and then the next minute they said they'd kill us if we bulldozed their house like the Israelis do. Give me a break, in many places in the Koran it talks about killing the infidel. These people want to live in the 10th century. I really frustrates me on how alot of them think, and you may call me ignorant, but you can't sit there and tell me I'm wrong when you weren't around Iraqi people like me everyday for a whole year listening to them and how they all talk and think.