Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddam Sees His Day In Court

Saddam appeared for court and so did many of his cronies. He defiantly said his charges were unlawful and that the real criminal was President Bush. Many Iraqis had mixed views, some saying this is not the right time, others saying it appeared that Saddam was running the court room and there were other mixed views as well. To me, it's not really surprising he would act so defiantly, he's always envisioned himself as a hero to the Arab world. So, it's no surprise he would try to act tough and be defiant. I just hope the Iraqi people actually give him the right to defend himself, as right which he denied millions of his own people.

Now to offer my other feelings, seeing from how Iraqis are today. I can understand why he justified he had to rule with an Iron fist. Some Iraqis are really good people, and I met alot of them, but it's funny when all of them say the US Army is too nice, and the militias and terrorists take advantage of this kindness to kill Americans and Iraqi civilians. I hope the new Iraqi government will have the courage to do what our politicians could not, which is be alot more tough so they can root out these terrorist cells and fighters. Once that is done, they can relax. After all, America had to pay a very painful price of her own to really have our freedom, and it required the lives of 600,000 young brave Americans.