Friday, July 16, 2004

News Flash From Iraqi PM

Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said there is going to be more violence in Iraq. Wow, thanks for clearing that up buddy. The Iraqi government has been passing emergency laws to fight these insurgents. Surprisingly, the new Iraqi government has been fiercely fighting the insurgents since they transfer of power. Their own intelligence seems to also be pretty accurate.

Me and my friend Zeyad who I met in Iraq (no, this is not the Zeyad that has a weblog called "healingiraq"). He owns a few businesses in Iraq, and spoke English extremely well. We often talked about politics. After the war, and when the IP, Iraqi Army, and ICDC were being built, he would always tell me that the US Army is being asked to do too much. He always said the Army needs to take a break from all the work and start to let the Iraqis help. His theory was that the Iraqis would be better at spotting people up to no good then we would. I still agree with that.