Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Victory for Terrorists?

Manila has now given into the growing sentiment going on in it's own country to leave the United States. I didn't even know these guys were in the "Coalition of the Willing." So, now a hostage is being released. This sounds like a victory for the terrorists. Is there any nation that exists today that has the balls to fight something worth fighting for? Frankly, seeing that the Iraqis seem more than ready and willing to pick up where the Coalition left off and are doing most of the tough grunt work. What is really pathetic is this country can't even band together during a war. I mean, in WWII, there was no better way to unite us than to attack us and start a war with us. Now, if you attack us, we will be united for a few months and then we'll start fighting with each other again. How pathetic is this, this must be really encouraging for terrorists to watch on TV.