Monday, July 12, 2004

Frusterating Times

I finally arrived back on "post" last night just in time to log back in at Battalion. I had quiet an interesting journey I guess you could say. Everything was fine, from the drive from Michigan through Canada to Upstate New York. However, when I reached about 20 miles from Post, I hit an animal. Pretty sure it was a Raccoon. So noticed I hit the animal pretty hard, and was really worried about damage to my car. So, I sped up to get off on an exit just up ahead. When, I passed a car which I did not even notice was a damn State Trooper. So, all of a sudden I see in my rear view mirror, flashing lights. Then, I get pulled over and find out I was doing a 96 in a 65 speed zone. So, then he tells me he will probably have to put me in jail. So, noticing it's 11:30pm, I say "officer I am on leave and was trying to get back to base on time." So, then he was like "I can't believe you didn't see me." The trooper was driving along too, but I didn't even pay attention to what kind of car I was passing cause my mind was probably off in "I hope I didn't fuck my car up too bad" land. He said at that speed and not seeing him, I would probably goto jail and he said I should hope to have money on me to pay for bail. So, I explain to him I'm in the military and trying to reach post before 12am. He tells me he will have to call the court and see if that will make any difference. So, he later got out of the patrol car and told me because I'm in the military and in the current situation, I will be allowed to go back to post. He gave me a ticket, saying I have to be in court such and such date. I called my parents and told them when I got back, they were like "oh we are just happy you are safe and everything is ok, don't worry about it right now." All I can think of is I've never been in trouble with the police and never had to goto court. So, of course I'm pretty nervous about it.

More US Soldiers die. Now, I notice more soldiers appear to be dying now that we don't have control over the country. How is this happening? This is not making any sense. I thought since now the country is back in the hands of Iraqis, they would be doing all the dangerous work, and the US Army would more or less supervise and help alittle bit. I know the Iraqis are mostly doing the raids and being the ones sent into danger, so how come we are losing more men and woman? I also some something on TV that was really desturbing. A Western Journalist given unprecedented access to the Iraqi insurgents. They showed some scary footage that upset me. It's hard being back from Iraq to still believe that all the Iraqis I talked to, and how firmly I used to believe that most of them wanted us there. That after watching all this depressing footage to still believe in all that.