Thursday, August 26, 2004


Lately I've been pretty busy doing EIB lanes. Completely a bunch of different tasks you have to complete in a certian amount of time in a certain order. I noticed about 3 people today that I haven't seen since basic training. That was pretty interesting. Probably from bad habits you get from being used to doing things you're own way, I had some trouble with getting the MK-19 Automatic grenade launcher to load and fire the way they wanted it. In EIB, they make you do dumb stuff in a certain order, in combat speed, you don't necessarily need to do all those steps. I can assemble and dissemble that thing with my eyes closed, and yet I made a stupid mistake and had to do it over again. Bad habits can be a big problem in EIB sometimes when you're used to do something you're own way instead of the EIB way. While in the line waiting for terrain association, we had one of the division Sergeant Majors, who was checking up on stuff and saying "hooah" all the damn time (sergeant majors are NOTORIOUS about "setting standards" and saying hooah all the time). He walked by and asked everyone if there were doing good, and we were all like "hooah Sergeant major" and he yelled "hooah" back. Then, as he walked back in our direction he noticed I had a 5th Special Forces Combat Patch on my shoulder. I saw he had a 3rd Ranger Regiment combat patch on his shoulder, as soon as he walked by me. He punched me in the chest, like a way like your buddy would hit you. He immediately said as he walked away, "Don't go SF! Go 75th Ranger Regiment!". Me and my buddies just smiled and I yelled "Hooah Sergeant Major!", and he gave me a hooah back. He seems like cool as hell Sergeant major.

Sistani is back in Najaf, and Sadr looks like it's about to be curtains for his sorry ass. This guy is trying to play a power game, where he is trying to have a piece of the pie. This bastard has to be stopped. There should be no negotiations.