Thursday, August 19, 2004

New Weapons

Luckily we got a really cool CO and we came back from the field a day early. For the first day out in the field doing CQ, my job was working with a few guys at the Ammo point. Loading magazines with rounds and giving ammo out to people. It was extremely boring. While, the rest of the company was out training in government built buildings killing pretend Hajji. After doing that for a day, I finally got to do it for the next 2 days. We first went through practice with using blanks and live people pretending to be enemy and civilians inside the building. Then, we would replace those people with dummy targets and go in with live ammo. It was a blast, and it really helped time pass by. We did all kinds of cool stuff, like drive up in hmmwv's and jump off and assault the building.

During the Field exercise, at about mid-way though. A handful of us from each platoon got picked to go to a range where they were demonstrating new weaponry for the Army. The new XM-8 was there which will replace the m4/m16, the new .50 caliber machine gun that is going to replace the old was there, and a bunch of other really cool stuff. I wish we could have all this really cool shit now.