Sunday, November 21, 2004

Quick Response

It has become very clear to me that I was in error to quickly judge the Marine in Fallujah. It was probably anger that motivated me to do it, because even if the Marines were defending themselves it would be received negatively by many Arabs as murder. Knowing what I now know about in the video the Marines were discussing how the guy was faking dead. Then the Marine came up and shot him. Maybe, I am a victim of the media here, but when I first saw the story I don't remember any Marines saying he was faking he was dead. So, with this new information in mind, I would say that I would have done the same thing that Marine did. His quick reaction probably saved the lives of his fellow Marines, and now he will be investigated because his actions. I think the military will see he was within his rights to defend himself and his Unit should be there at his side to back him up.

We've been doing alot of training and psychological prep for combat when we go back to Iraq. Such as because of the current situation with fake surrendering and suicide bombers. In fact we've lost a guy in a different company in our battalion currently deployed to Iraq because of a suicide bomber in Baghdad and several guys got hurt.

If you would like to show support for the Marine that is accused by some of killing a wounded unarmed man then go here and sign the petition to Congress to show your support for our fighting men.