Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Where Are The Brave Mujahadeen?

I watch TV about the assault in Fallujah. Little resistance, the city is mostly deserted. Disgusting and sickening hostage slaughter houses have been discovered in northern Fallujah. That news really gets to me. I get very angry when I think about it. It makes me want to put a bullet through the head of every single terrorist and give them as much remorse and they showed for their victims trying to help stabilize and rebuild the country. I guess that is what happens when you give a city a 2 week notice that you're coming, and the terrorists flee the city. What a heroic stand, I guess they've learned they are no match for the American soldier's intestinal fortitude and superior arms and superior training. That they have for the most part fled the city where they committed some of the most greusome murders, and now much of the fighters are giving up. This is how you take a city. You don't bullshit around like what happened in April. You go in with the object to WIN. One thing that has got on my nerves about how Operation Iraqi Freedom being conducted is, we should pull out of the city, and then go back in and retake it. Hitler made the mistake of not a step back. One of his Generals fighting on the Russian front disobey Hitler's orders pulled his SS division out of the city they were fighting for, and did an assault and crushed the Soviets when they re-took the city. When I was in Iraq we always joked about how the fighters would brag about wanting to kill Americans, and would quickly setup a mortar and launch a few rounds down range at us. However, when it came to us confronting them, they would sometimes LITERALLY pee or shit their pants in fear. I don't have any respect for these fighters because they will either flee because they are no match for us, and then when they kill one of us with our backs turn away they brag and pretend they are brave.