Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Wounded Iraqi Shot In Cold Blood

I'd like to personally as an American and as an American soldier to apologize to the Iraqi people for such an unprofessional and disturbing act committed by the US Marines in Fallujah. When acts like this are committed it hurts us all.

In previous wars this happens alot. I remember watching tv of Vietnam veterans in a camp full of wounded Americans, the Vietcong overran it, and killed all the wounded men, some of them begging for their lives. Also, like in Saving Private Ryan where German soldiers try to talk to American soldiers and they just shoot them dead. The thing that upsets me alot about this is it gets caught on camera and it's like a new thing "evil" Americans have invented. I dont expect ANY better treatment then to be shot in cold blood by the enemy in Iraq. That is just the way it is, and I've even told my parents if I was in the situation where I could be captured, I would fight to the death or fight till I could escape or evade. The last bullet would be mine if it came to that. Before it was the Sniper that had to be feared of being tortured without mercy and then probably killed, but with this enemy you can even be a FUCKING civilian and expect to slowly getting your head chopped off. In the grand scheme of things, I understand the marines are pissed off and the guy probably just lost it. Seeing your buddies beside you getting killed. Some being takin out by IEDs and other stuff. I would be enraged too, to where I would be one of the first to volunteer to take on Fallujah's Mujahideen. It's like I've said before, the glamour of winning hearts and minds and making Iraq into a democracy is gone in my eyes. When I go back to Iraq, it's about pure survival to come back home to my family. That means, I will be doing anything that is nessesery to survive, and my buddies will do the same for me.

I couldn't believe the Marines shot this guy in front of a news camera. That is just craziness, did they really think that it would get unnoticed? My honost oppinion is the guy probably just went crazy from all the fighting and just lost his mind and shot the guy. I honestly wanna say I feel sorry for the poor bastard in the Mosque, but I can't help but think of all the beheadings I see and the fellow soldiers I've known who have been killed. It sickens me to watch the middle east get so upset over this and then call something like chopping a civilians head off as a legitimate resistance. If that is legitimate resistance, then I guess shooting a guy while he is wounded could be considered legitimate self defense.