Saturday, January 08, 2005

Flip-Flopping Al-Jazeera?

It's come to my attention or at least it would appear that Al-Jazeera, whom I equate as the Arab version of the Fox News Channel. All they do is spread filthy propaganda and promote violence in my opinion. They interview only people that would say stuff like the US is an empire taking over the world. That type of statement is outrageous. The only land the USA has under it's control is herself and many islands. Sovereign authority has been given to the Iraqi government, even if it is an interim government, the USA is not calling the shots on whether it can conduct military operations without that government's consent. I also don't see the Armies of the United States moving across the Eastern hemisphere conquering nations as we go. These beliefs are just caused by people disagreeing with US policy and take things way out of text and make outrageous statements like this. Besides all this with Al-Jazeera calling Americans imperialists. Now, they have completely done a flip flop and have said there should be elections but they need to be delayed. I find it funny how someone equating the USA to a fascist regime and making claims like we will never make democracy are the ones that say we should wait for it to be peaceful. If the Sunni want to have a part, like they seem they do, why the hell wont they put their guns down and be apart of this instead withdrawing from the elections because they say it's too violent in the region when it is THEM who are the ones causing the problems. While at work today, while we were doing processing for leaving for Iraq, in line one of my buddies started making some funny jokes about Al-Jazeera. Making fun of all the Arab conspiracy theories, he said "Now Al-Jazeera say we knew about the Tsunami but didn't warn them because we wanted the Muslims to be punished." It's frustrating being a soldier who has gone to war in Iraq and knows in which way the United States military conducts itself, which it does not do what many Arabs and anti-war people would have people believe. Being just a normal American it disturbs me to see the view people have of the US military and the US in general, but being an American soldier it's a direct attack on me. Everyone likes to pick on the big guy because it makes them feel better about themselves.