Sunday, February 20, 2005

Just Another DAY

Not much has been going on for me lately. Just sitting around watching DVDs and reading any news paper I can get my hands on. The chow hall is NICE, better than the one on post back home. Food is sometimes better too. Since I had nothing really to do, I thoroughly cleaned my M4. That made time go by faster, plus listening to popular music while doing it. I wish I had some Break-free Powder Blast gun spray to make it easier and quicker to clean the gun. They wont let us fly with Aerosol, so we can't bring it. Plus, they wont send it through postal service to us.
I haven't been hearing it, but my buddies tell me like how they got woken up because they heard some rockets fly pretty close overhead but there was no explosion. They also talk about mortar attacks they've heard. I have only heard one explosion from a mortar. Maybe my hearing sucks lately.