Thursday, February 10, 2005


More time has passed and not much has happened. Except, we got extended alittle longer to train alittle bit more. Otherwise, I would be up north right now. Which again, I see as a good thing. It's been hell trying to get in contact with my family lately. Recently, both times I've gone no one was home. Though, I contacted my mother the first attempt when I got here. Still, just watching movies and playing cards. Though, after breakfast we go over training for an hour or 2. However, everyone knows their piece of the puzzle and know's everyone elses piece of the puzzle. Instead of people just getting complacent about it because we are so used to it, which would cause mistakes in itself, we just talk about it for the most part. I just saw my buddy who left our unit a year ago and went to 3rd Infantry Division. It was good to see him again and talk about old times. He wishes he was back with our unit. We are leaving for Iraq, VERY SOON. Though, because of operational security, I will not say. Which is another thing, I hope people don't get the impression that once I get in Iraq I am going to write about the exciting fire fights I may get into. If you want that, you might as well go rent a war movie. That type of stuff I keep to myself, I don't even talk about that to my family. I will talk about many other stuff, but I am not going to talk about action we will probably see up north.