Friday, February 18, 2005

Back in the 'Raq

I finally am back in Iraq after being away LESS than a year. Though I'm in the slightly different location I was last time, I'm still in Baghdad. Much has changed since I was here last time. Sadr City is no longer a bad neighorhood like it was last time I was here. It's one of the best areas in Baghdad to be. We kicked their butts pretty hard and Sistani told them to not listen to Sadr, and so they didn't want a piece of us anymore. Now, there are other areas in Baghdad being hotly contested by insurgents. They think many of them are from those who fled Fallujah before the big offensive. Security is pretty tight on the FOB. Can't enter many places without an ID card.
I've re-learned again that not all Iraqis hate us and most are nice people in general. I had to come here and again and not watch the news to see this. Iraqis come up to us and want to talk to us and want to serve us drinks and food sometimes. We found a big cache of weapons. Definetly not for self defense some of these weapons we found.

Don't expect me to write in here alot, I'm pretty busy. I will definetly keep it up to date, but I can't promise I'll be able to post often.