Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ali Baba Strikes Again

A few days ago was pretty exciting. Alot of activity in our area where we operate. Not much I can really say, but the whole day seemed awefully quiet. Until, we had an RPG or some kind of rocket launched at us. Luckily, it missed us, it was too close to sit around and try to figure out where it came from. So, we didn't bother sticking around. So, now the whole squad, which has many new guys in it, have earned their CIBs. One of the guys was really pissed off about whoever shot that, getting away. There was other stuff that went on that was pretty crazy, but no attacks on troops.

Me and my friends joked around about how we are basically beat Cops with big guns. The only thing we are missing are Sirens and the flashing lights on top. Also, all we need to do is start giving out traffic tickets.

Despite the attack, it's been overall quiet in our area. It is possible that the insurgents and terrorists are waiting for the whole congressional thing to go on that is supposed to happen soon. Then, they will start to hit us alot during that time.

Also, Ali Baba is a term used in Iraq and maybe other Arab countries that describes someone as a theive or criminal. If someone is a Ali Baba, they are a bad guy.