Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hectic Day

All hell seemed to have broken loose yesterday. There were many fire fights and attacks going on all throughout the day. Some of our guys got stuck out for almost 24 hours straight. A car bomb went off taking out one of the armored vehicles. They had mass casualties, but only one that had to be flown out. It's alittle surprising the news hasn't covered this at all. Plus a bomb killed some innocent bystanders. Some of the guys were pissed off that they weren't out on the patrols out there because they wanted to get in on the action. For us it's almost like messing with our family. If you attack one of our family members, we all want a piece of you. There is no worse enemy than US Army Infantrymen and Calvery. However, I think it is a pretty dumb thing to wish to goto combat. It is not a fun experience at all. I quickly shut him up about it wanting to fight.

We all joked about how useless the WMR tent is for mostly our whole unit. We barely see our own guys there, but always a bunch of 3rd ID guys using all the equipment instead. I joked about how mostly you don't see alot of large sized Infantryman is because we are always out so busy doing Patrols and raids, while 3rd ID pogues usually have big guys because they have plenty of time to work out.