Saturday, April 02, 2005

Alittle About Me

I just received a care package from my family. I got all kinds of nice things. Supplements and all for working out and some movies that I ordered from the History Channel that were sent to my home and then forwarded here. I ordered "Iraq War: Battling the Insurgents" from there. I got to watch it yesterday, it was decent alot of the stuff I already know. I'm a big history buff, so I always like to watch programs from the History Channel. Especially about World War 2. My grandfather fought in World War 2 and was nearly killed from infection he received from mortar shrapnel. He never talked about his experiences. It's not a family tradition to join the military and serve. I am kind of a super star back home. Not many people in my area have been in the military or have family that do. So, I get alittle more lucky with the girls than most other guys would. Plus, there is a ton of support for the troops back home. Even for some who don't agree with the war, they still support us. Which is awesome, because alot of soldiers had on their mind from seeing all the mass protests in New York City and other places that we would be spit on by our own people.

Not much has been going on. I am still on this detail which is keeping me inside the wire. Soon, my little R&R will be over and I'll be out back to doing what I normally do. This time, I got tons of candy to give out to the kids. It will all probably melt though if I try to take it with me. I'll do it anyway though. It at least makes me feel alittle better when we go out and do good stuff like that.