Sunday, April 10, 2005

Extremely Busy

There has been alot of crazy shit going on over here. So, I have been way too busy working rather than having enough time and getting on here to blog about how everything is going for me. Sorry to those who are disappointed in me not being able to post more often.

Today it topped out in the high 90s. It was pretty damn hot. Also the amount of times we are going out is forcing us to get much less sleep then we used to get.

A few days ago we patrolled around a particularly BAD part of town. You could just look at some of the Iraqis and tell by their facial expression they want to kill you. I would think this little place, which for OPSEC reasons will not be mentioned, is just as bad if not worse then Fallujah before the Marines and US Army retook it from insurgents. There is definitely alot of bad guys and anti-American sentiment there. Recently, we've had some guys get hurt that were patrolling around in that area. It is funny how on one side of the street people like us, and the other side of the street it's totally different.

It's been a long time since I have been able to talk to my family. Mostly, I have been sending letters to them, but I haven't sent a letter in about a week. They must be really worried about me. Of course, I can't even tell them about what is all happening for security reasons, plus I don't want my mother to have a heart attack. The NCOs and Officers usually tell us we need to go talk to our families, but on 4 hours a night of sleep on average it isn't possible. So, I will have to wait till everyone cools down. I just mailed out a letter today though. I try to keep them from worrying by telling them funny things that happen at work. My mom likes to share my letters with the rest of my family and friends.