Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Very Busy and Bad and Good News

I finally got some time to write in my blog. We have been extremely busy over here. Sometimes working 36 hours at a time. So, there is no way I could have wrote before on here. Hopefully this will end soon, but now it looks like no one knows what the fuck is going on. Some speculate we will be working like this till our unit leaves. I have gotten used to it now, so I don't even complain anymore.

Recently our Company took a hard blow. We lost 2 guys. One of them was a good friend of mine. It was hard on all of us to loose him, but he was pretty much loved by all. Sadly, the other guy, I didn't know too much about. We were all right out in the area when it happened. We showed up to give help look around for the perpetrators. The had already been taken out by medical helicopter. About an hour later, we learned they did not make it. As soon as the word got around, people started crying and consoling each other right there. I had a hard time being in the turret having to pull security and try not to think about what just happened. It has been a really rough time for us. Rest in peace guys, we sure as hell miss you.

We have finally started working with the Iraqi Army. Which is awesome, because our numbers are now like doubled when we go out. So, if shit hits the fan, we have the firepower and manpower to win the day. One of the soldiers, who is pretty old, can drive his BMP like a person can use a part of their body. He knows that thing so well. He can drive it better then we can drive our Hmmwvs. They are tracked armored personal carriers, so that makes it even more impressive. The guy can power slide at intersections perfectly to turn down the other street, it is real bad ass. I wish we had drivers that talented in our vehicles. Alot of the Iraqi soldiers had their own cameras and want to take pictures with us as if we were like their heroes. It was odd and cool at the same time. They still have alot to learn though from seeing them in action. Their leader insisted these were all good men and we could trust them with our lives.