Monday, May 16, 2005

Back Into The Shit

Well, my free time has been completely obliterated. I'm not working 12 hours, I'm working about 14 hours average, and there is no day off. Our whole platoon is pretty much tasked out, so only a few guys get a day off, and so you can imagine the rotation is long before you get a break. The funny thing about it is, this isn't even bad. I can't complain at all. I've gotten used to this work schedule, though I am sure in 20 years I will pay for it in some manner of post traumatic stress syndrome or something. I read in a magazine somewhere that the average grunt in Iraq spends more time in combat than World War 2 vets and Vietnam veterans.

Not much has been going on. Things have been pretty quiet lately. Which is awesome I think. Any day we don't take direct fire or indirect is a great day. Though the other day we almost got into a fire fight, luckily we found out before engaging them. We thought they were firing at us because one of our reported hearing bullets whiz by their head. Who knows, maybe someone in the group was shooting at us. Another unit quickly responded and told the assholes to cut it out.