Saturday, February 10, 2007

Iranian Conundrum

This is alittle off topic, but you should know; I've started to actively write in my blog again. However, don't expect me to write in it like every day of the week. I am doing work AND college now and am doing about 2 hours of studying a night for college, so I almost have no free time these days.

This post is about all the saber rattling by Iran and as they're finding out. Iran is supplying insurgents with weapons capable of shooting down our helicopters, plus fabricating metal used to make advanced IEDs that can slide through a tank.
This really, to be honest has got me really upset. It really pisses me off that Iran is supplying this stuff to the enemy. It's previous obvious as to why they would do it. They are trying to keep our hands tied in Iraq. As long as we are there in major numbers, it makes it hard for us to stop Iran from doing what it wants to do.
What really gets me is Iranian is doing some MAJOR miscalculating that the USA is weak and cannot do anything. So, they boldly support our enemies, think we are powerless to stop them. Which could have HUGE consequences for Iran. As one smart man said over the radio, that Iran is treading very dangerous waters by thinking we are weak and believing we are powerless to stop them, that in reality the USA is not as weak as it is preceived to be and could do some very serious damage to Iran militarily, air strikes and such.
This is exactly what I think, Iran is pushing and pushing, but they forget that we are still a Superpower with vast military resources. We have 2 of THE largest and most high tech and best trained air forces in the world. The USAF and US Navy Aviation.
For those who doubt our military, including Americans. I can assure you, from personally seeing our military in action. That Iran could not possibly fathom what we are capable of. First off, I want to dispel this myth that since we don't have enough ground troops, and we don't, that we don't have a hope of beating Iran in a fight. All we would have to do is have like 10 B52s up in the air bombing their troops and tank concentrations for days straight before they are so demoralized that they give up or surrender. Remember how everyone said Iraq was gonna be really tough in the first gulf war? We bomb the crap out of their troops with B52s and that was all she wrote. We'll also have total air superiority from our jet fighters, so they wont be able to engage our bombers. That is just one example, but our troops are very well equipped and very well trained. 1 US tank division probably has the same amount of firepower that 4 Iranian tank division may have.
This isn't flag waving, America is #1 crap I am spewing. These are facts that I am talking about. My point would be that Iran should not preceive us as weak and do something, such as provide weapons to our enemies that could provoke us into taking action against them, because it will be a massive mistake for them to believe that they can get away with this type of stuff. Just because we have lost a few thousand lives in Iraq, and haven't done a great job at stabilizing it, doesn't mean we still can't inflict great harm on them. They should be really careful not to force our hand.