Sunday, October 16, 2005

Vote on Constitution

Earlier, the Iraqis went to the polls on a historical vote for their won constitution. It was great to see once again, the Iraqis defying the insurgents and terrorists and making their voices heard, whether it be "Yes" or "No." I hope some good will come of this. Though, more than likely, the violence will not stop. It is getting to the point where the Iraqi Army is nearly ready to take over security. We worked with them in June when I was in Iraq and they seemed to do fine.

In light of all of this. I think the USA should seriously consider giving a date for our withdrawal. We are not there to take their land. So this would be a good gesture of our will. They have their own elected government, their own constitution, their own security forces. They should be on the track of success now. They may have to deal with the insurgency and terrorists for a few years, but I don't think they have the ability to undo the things that have been set in motion. Now, I find it really ironic people are criticizing us for the Iraqi government having ties with Iran. This is regrettable, if it is true. However, it is the IRAQIs deciding that, not the Americans. If they have a mostly Shi'ite government that has connections to Iran it is because they chose it. We have completed our mission objectives in Iraq.